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— September 21st - October 4th —

Grab Your FREE Ticket To The
 Virtual Asset Management Summit
Grab Your FREE Ticket To The Virtual Asset Management Summit
The Ultimate Virtual Summit for Apartment Owners who Want to Learn where the “Real Money is Made”. Discover the BEST Asset Management Strategies ALL IN ONE Place.
  • Kyle Mitchell
  • Gary Lipsky
Kyle and Gary are the Founders of the Asset Management Summit and APT Capital Group where their mission is to positively impact the lives of their investors and the communities in which they invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility. Their more than 45 years of operations and management experience is their secret sauce. Their decades of experience in operations and management is the passion and influence behind the Asset Management Summit where their goal is to help educate apartment owners and asset managers to become best in class operators. 

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Who is this virtual summit for:
New and Existing Apartment Owners and Operators who Want to Maximize NOI and Rapidly Grow their Knowledge in just 14 Days! 
Attending this Online Event?
This is an unprecedented event with 30 of the most successful  leaders, entrepreneurs, and speakers of our time offering you leadership &  advice to lead you into the future - all on one single platform, for 14 entire days, 100% FREE!
Value Add
Learn the most cost-effective strategies to boost NOI!
Investor Relations
Hear from a passive investor with over 70 streams of income, how to do it the right way and keep investors coming back deal after deal!
Team Building
Building a team allows you to do what you do best. Do it the right way the first time for maximum results!
To Asset Manage efficiently and to scale, you need systems. Learn what the pros do!
Find out how to Manage the Manager by setting them up for success, get the most out of your team and blind spots you should be looking out for!
What gets measured, gets accomplished! Understand Key Performance Indicators that will rocket fuel your outcomes! Find out about the best resources so that you are ahead of the game and your assets are outperforming the others!
Executing a business plan, setting the property up for an eventual sale, learning the steps and maximizing the ROI is critical! Many conferences/mentors walk you through how to get the deal, we’ll show you what to do once you get it!
Leads, Appointments, Showings, Applications and Leases all tell a story on how well you are converting potential residents. Find out from THE data scientist on how to measure and get the Best results!
Who Will Be Speaking?
  • Brad Sumrok, Apartment Investor Mastery
Keynote - The Importance of Asset Management
  • Joe Fairless, Ashcroft Capital
$4B Panel
  • Neal Bawa, Grocapitus Investments
LASAL Asset Management System
  • J Scott, Scott Silver Real Estate
KEYNOTE - The Economy & Economic Cycles Related to Real Estate
  • Michael Becker, Strategic Property Investment
How we Set Rents, Protest Taxes & Place Insurance
  • Bryan Chavis, The Landlord Property Management Academy
Assets/Property Management Fundamentals
  • James Kandasamy, ​ Achieve Investment Group
Building a Super Efficient Multifamily Business with Vertical Integration
  • Gene Trowbridge, Trowbridge Law Group
Cash Distribution Pattern
  • Jeff Klotz, The Klotz Companies
$4B Panel
  • Danny Randazzo,
5 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Add Value
  • Hunter Thompson, Asym Capital
7 Steps of Due Diligence
  • David Thompson, Thompson Investing
Raising Capital
  • Feras Moussa, Disrupt Equity
Acquisition & Disposition
  • Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA
How Real Estate Impacts Taxes
  • Spencer Hilligoss
Investor Relations
  • Sam Rust, Life Bridge Capital
How to Build a Strong Relationship with a Property Management Firm
  • Justin Fraser, 88 Real Estate Capital
Hardening Your Asset
  • Yonah Weiss, Madison Specs
Why you Need Cost Segregation Now More than Ever
  • Eric Upchurch, Active Duty Passive Income
Rallying the Community Behind your Property
  • Tim Bratz, Legacy Wealth Holdings
Building a Team of A-players
  • Drew Kniffin, Nighthawk  Equity
What to do When Vacancy Jumps
  • Damion Lupo, The eQRP Co.
Raising Unlimited Money from Retirement Accounts
  • Jerome Maldonado, Quad J Capital Holdings
Why Building Slow and Smart is Better than Fast
  • Jason Yarusi, Yarusi Holdings
Maximizing Additional Revenue Streams
  • Gary Lipsky & Kyle Mitchell, APT Capital Group
Managing Property Managers & Implementing Systems to Hold Them Accountable
  • Swapnil Agarwal, Nitya Capital
$4B Panel
  • Anna Myers, Grocapitus Investments
You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure - Best Practices in Systems and Data
  • Matthew Owens, OCG Properties
Exit Strategies
  • Merrill Kaliser, Kaliser & Associates
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reed Goossens, Wildhorn Capital
Crisis Management

What Makes this Virtual Summit Different?

Rather than focus on general “Real Estate Investing” Topics, We Wanted to Create An Event with Highly Focused Value in the Area of Multifamily Asset Management “Where the Real Money is Made”. At the Summit, we’ll take a deep dive into how to manage, operate, and build the best systems to Drive NOI, Reduce Risk, and Maximize Efficiency!!!

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The Ultimate Virtual Summit for Apartment Owners who Want to Learn where the “Real Money is Made”. Discover the BEST Asset Management Strategies ALL IN ONE Place.

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